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P70 - Two-wheel Tractor

P70 - Two-wheel Tractor

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The P70 Two Wheel Tractor unit is incredibly versatile, with a range of attachments to suit your needs.

With 2 forward and 1 reverse gear, optimum speeds are easily achievable for whatever attachment you choose to use.

A quick wheel drive release system enables you to ‘freewheel’ the machine around easily, when not in work or drive one wheel if working on a hillside

Optional sickle bar, rotavator, drum mower, snow blade and collecting brush available.



  • Power unit only (see below for attachment options)
  • B&S 850 Series engine
  • 2 forward/1 reverse speed
  • Optional 102cm/40" sickle mower attachment
  • Optional 64cm/25" drum mower attachment
  • Optional 88cm/35" powered brush with double collector attachment
  • Optional 85cm/34" snow blade attachment
  • Optional 55cm/22" rear-mounted rotavator  
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