Chainsaw Buyer Guide

Top handle chainsaw
Chainsaws since their introduction have allowed people to maintain their own properties, keep them warm, build their own houses, clearing of fallen or damaged trees and in general made every users life easier.
When choosing a chainsaw for yourself there are questions you have to ask to arrive at the best one for you, what will you be using it for (yes we know cutting wood), however consider these points:
  • Cutting logs
  • Property maintenance  
  • How often will you be using it

These are some of the questions which may be answered below in the features but if you are unsure you can always ask the experts.



  • Bar - The bar is the part that holds the chain in place and will also be the guide to cutting capacity of your saw.
  • Engine output - This is the engine power and is measured in cc or Kw.
  • Low Vibration - A good feature to look out for, a lower vibrating machine is less tiring to use over long periods of time.
  • Weight & Balance- You don't want to be a body builder to pick up the Chainsaw, it must be the right weight for you to make those jobs easy to do. Balance is important in the sense that the Chainsaw is cutting where you want to cut and not trying to cut in a different direction due to poor balance.
  • Easy Strat- A must for all petrol powered products, ECHO & Shindaiwa have one of the reliable starting systems on the market.  
  • Torque - The amount of power that is sent to cutting head from the engine, in poorly designed machines they may show a high output engine but the actual cutting performance is similar to a smaller engine due to the power not been transferred optimally. 
  • Noise Level - We all need to work safely, machines with lower noise levels are better at protecting your hearing and the people around you, (it is always recommended you wear the correct PPE (personal protection equipment) when operating petrol powered products).


Types of chainsaws

Rear Handle chainsaw

Suitable for general chainsaw ground work they can range from 25cc to 122cc with bar lengths from 8" to 48". the typical homer owner would need a 30cc to 35cc with a 12" or 14" bar


Top Handle chainsaw

This specialist saw is used by Tree Surgeons who need to climb trees to attend to issues which are not accessible from the ground. Top handle chainsaws are designed to be compact and powerful allowing the operator to use it in confined areas.


Cordless chainsaw

A battery-powered chainsaw is ideal if you want the convenience of electric power without the hassle of a cord and petrol also battery products in general offer reduced noise levels.



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