Hedge Trimmer Buyer Guide

 Understanding hedge trimmer features

There is nothing better to look outside and see your garden thriving. This extends to your hedges and bushes. Some people like them straight cut, some like them in fun formats.  To get them the way you like you will need the proper tool.

Hedge trimmers or hedge cutters, are power tools that will give you a nice cut and quick cut to unruly branches and twigs. Before choosing your machine you have to ask a few questions:


  • Will you be trimming high, low or long hedges?
  • Do you want to shape hedges?
  • Will you be working for extended periods of time?


For every kind of use a hedge trimmer is indicated. For tall hedges and trees you will better suited with a long reach hedge cutter. They permit you to work from the ground and reach even the highest place without putting yourself in danger.

For perfect straight low bushes, a single-sided or double sided hedge trimmer is the best option. With a longer blade you can cut swiftly on one sweep. Making your time and work a lot faster.

It all depends on what you will need the tool for.

Each machine also carries features that will either cut the time of work or improve handling, vibration or weight.

To help you pick the right hedge trimmer for your needs check out the short descriptions of the type of models we stock below and the explanations of the features our machines carry.



Hedge trimmers have lots of features and this can be confusing, so here is a quick explanation of some of the main features you may see when researching which hedge trimmer, you want to buy:

  • Rotating Handle- The rear handle can rotate 180 degrees left or right and allows for comfortable trimming no matter what angle the operator is at.
  • Single Sided Cutting Blade - Only one side of the blade will cut leads to a slimmer blade with over all weight reduction.
  • Double Sided Cutting Blade - Both sides of the blades cut allowing the operator to do sweeping cuts through he hedge (ECHO & Shindaiwa both upper and lower blades have cutting edges).
  • Double Edged Cutter- this is where both sides of the blade have a cutting edge
  • Triple Edged Cutter- this is where the outer face of the blade has a cutting edge really good for clean cuts on leafy type hedges/ bushes 
  • Tip Guard- Prevents damage to cutting blade if you come into contact with a solid object at the blade tip.


Types of hedge trimmers

Double-sided Hedge Trimmer

Double-sided models are more suitable for smaller hedges, domestic properties. The cutting action is from side to side.


Single-sided Hedge Trimmer

Single-sided trimmers are designed mainly for straight sections of hedge. With teeth on one side of the cutting bar, the blade can be longer without the machine becoming too heavy. A longer blade lets you clip larger areas in a single sweep. Professionals favour them and they tend to be slightly longer and lighter than double-sided models, for more coverage and more comfort when used for longer.


Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Long Reach Hedge trimmers also are known as Pole Hedge trimmers are ideal for cutting and trimming tall hedges safely and easily. The cutting bar can be angled making it easier to reach low and high hedges and therefore allows you to work more quickly. Check out our range of long reach hedge trimmers.


Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Battery-powered hedge trimmers are ideal if you want the convenience of electric power without the hassle of a cord! Our model has a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine, emits low noise and emissions and is quick-charging with good run times.


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