Brush Cutter Buyer Guide

How to chose a brush cutter


Brush cutters are used to trim the grass you can’t get to with your lawnmower, cut weeds, tidy up borders and small bushes. More heavy-duty brush cutters will clear patches of overgrown grass, weeds, bushes and brambles.

To determine which brush cutter would best suit your needs ask yourself the following questions:


  • How big is your garden?
  • What type of grass and vegetation is in your garden?
  • How long will you be using the brush cutter for?


To help you pick the right brush cutter for your needs check out the short descriptions of the type of models we stock and brief explanations of the features which brush cutters carry.



  • Handle - There are 2 options Loop and Double Handle
  • Shaft - Bent or Straight (bent shaft strimmer are recommended for domestic use. Internal drive shaft solid or spiral this will allow the Brushcutter to drive a blade.
  • Cutting line - Our strimmer line is available in 2.4mm to 3.3mm diameter sizes, fitting the largest diameter strimmer line is not always the best option as you slow down the cutting sped of the head.
  • Cutting line feed options - Many ECHO and Shindaiwa come with an easy reload trimmer head, so fitting new line is no longer a chore ask in store for details, it is also available as an optional accessory.


Types of brush cutters

Single/Loop Handle Brush Cutter

Ideal for the domestic user. Great for cutting grass in hard to reach areas. Light and easy to use. Attachments TPH200 and TPS 200 can be attached to our single handle Tanaka brush cutters and then used as a hedge trimmer or pole saw.


Double/U Handle Brush Cutter

A double handle brush cutter is used with a harness making it more comfortable. The double handle also offers the user more control so it is ideal for professional use or for use for extended periods of time.


Combination Tool

A wide range of accessories allows you to easily convert this tool into a grass trimmer, hedge trimmer, portable edger, pole saw and mini soil cultivator. An excellent, multi-use gardening product.


Cordless Brush Cutter

Battery-powered Brush Cutter is ideal if you want the convenience of electric power without the hassle of a cord! one of our our models has a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine, emits low noise and emissions and is quick-charging with excellent run times. 



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