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TS40S - 16" Scarifier

TS40S - 16" Scarifier

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The Harry TS40S is a 16"/40 cm petrol scarifier uses a modular system. An 18 spring tine cartridge module for scarifying and a 24 blade cartridge module for aerating the soil, both are easily switched. Blade and tine working levels are controlled by the conveniently placed dial giving an infinite range of -15mm to +5 mm.

The robust 212cc, 4-stroke Harry engine produces 4kW of power, while the 4 large wheels provide excellent stability. A solid steel chassis provides the Harry TS40S with extra rigidity and a 45-litre bag collects the thatch and moss.

The padded handlebar help provide operator comfort and folds forward, making storage and transporting easier.


  • 212cc 4-Stroke¬†Engine
  • Drive Push
  • 40cm/16" Working Width¬†
  • -15mm/+5mm Working Height
  • 18 Bladed aerating cartridge¬†
  • 24 Spring Tine scarifying cartridge
  • 39kg
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