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T303TS - Brush Cutter

T303TS - Brush Cutter

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The Shindaiwa T303TS is lightweight and powerful with high torque for dealing with the toughest of jobs. Shindaiwa's patented Soft Start ensures hassle-free operation and increased productivity. Weighing just 6kg with a powerful 30.5cm³ professional-grade engine, it produces impressive power for its weight.


  • 1.3 kW Output 
  • Standardised Nylon Head SF400 
  • 1.62 Gear reduction ratio 
  • 0.710 Fuel tank capacity 
  • Soft Start Assist System 
  • 30.5cc Engine displacement 
  • 0.72 (L/h) Fuel Consumption At Maximum Engine Power 
  • Carburettor Diaphragm
  • 1.7 (ps) Output
  • 912 CO2 (g/kW/h) 1 
  • 6kg
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